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Paper-Boys.Com Process Service Network

Want to know about us? For years, we handled only work from other process service companies sent to us from around the US. We were the choice of other process professionals and now we want to be yours as well. Paper-Boys.Com has proven its process service network to the most discriminating client-people; our own profession.

Growing up in the 60s and 70s in a small town in the Midwest, my brother and I had all the paper routes in our small town. We divided the town right down the middle of Main Street. If you wanted a paper delivered, you had to call one of us. We both were paperboys until we graduated from high school. We were the Paperboys.

Being paperboys was one activity growing up that began to teach us discipline, money management, customer service and customer retention. The town was less than 500 people, so we did everything we could to keep our customers happy and satisfied. We didn’t want them to go to the drug store for their newspapers.

We also were known as “townies”, people who lived in town when the main industry was farming. This gave us another opportunity to hire ourselves out to farmers for odd jobs such as bailing hay and straw, walking beans and yes, cleaning out hog houses along with other tasks that I won’t go into. When the farmers wanted help, they called, ”The Paperboys.”

About Us

My brother and I went on our separate ways after school, but the lessons taught remained with us. Being steady, consistent and honest; customers will use us as long as they can, whenever they can. Years passed, I ended up in the legal service profession and my brother is currently battling the Teamsters Union as a trucking terminal manager in the Midwest.

Paperboys was a distant memory until one night… I was training and Irishman named Paddy “Luv” (don’t ask), on serving legal papers in New York City. I knew him from an Irish Pub in Queens that I use to frequent. We walked in one night after serving papers about 11:30 pm for a “cold” one before going home. Ned, a friend of ours, looked at us and said, “There’s those Paperboys”, the guys that serve papers.”

A light went off in my head and Paper-Boys.Com was born. Paperboys.Com without the dash was already taken by a band in Ohio. It reminded me when I was a paperboy growing up and that the same principles applied then, apply now. Keep the customers happy, be steady and be honest.

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About Us