Before You Call A Process Server


Hi, this is with a video on what kind of questions we will ask when you call or email. This is intended to get you prepared for some of the questions we are going to ask. For instance, where were the papers issued? This includes state, federal, civil, or small claims etc. What types of papers do you need served? i.e. Subpoena, Summons and Complaint, Citation, Divorce, etc.

We will also ask how fast you need them done. This is important because our pricing is set on how fast they need to be served. We will also ask for any special instructions which can help us serve the papers more expeditiously. Such as work hours, any physical handicaps etc. Of course we need to kow where they are being served. We look up pricing by zip code so please have the zip code ready. We look forward to hearing from you to accomplish your service(s). If you have any questions please email or call us.

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