What to Expect From Process Servers

What to Expect From US & What We Expect From You

What to Expect From Us

Important: When calling or emailing, please include the Zip Code where the service is being served. This facilitates our process.

Step 1 We receive your service either by: Mail, Fax, Email or Overnight delivery.

Step 2 We Enter your information from your client letter such as your phone number, and address and most importantly your email address.

Step 3 Once your information is entered you will be sent an email with your username and password. This will be how you can track the progress of your service or multiple services.

Step 4 Your service will then be entered into our system, you will then be able to view it online.

Step 5 Once entered into our system your service will be given to one of our trained process servers.

Step 6 Once your paper is out for service you will then be receiving emails containing either attempted service information or completed service information. All attempts will be emailed with as much detail as possible. Our servers have mobile devices that link directly to our server to help get the information to the client as soon as possible.These emails will include information such as: bad address, not known at address given, not home at time of attempt, moved, etc. These notices do not mean we are not going back to location. The emails are to keep you aware of the progress of the service.

Step 7 If the respondent is not at the address given, we will do a simple check to see if we can locate them, i.e. directory assistance, web search. We will then let know the results. This search is free. We will not go ahead and serve at a different location unless directed by our client. There are additional costs for serving at a different location. If we do not locate them via a simple search, you will be notified via email and we will put it on hold until you do your research and get back to us with instructions. We do have access to sophisticated databases and can usually locate the respondent but this is an additional charge. We do NOT do this unless directed by our client.

Step 8 We will then have the process server sign an affidavit of service and have the document notarized.

Step 9 After the affidavit is notarized it will be scanned into our system and available to view in pdf form online. The original will then be sent to you with our invoice

What We Need From You

Important: When calling or emailing, please include the Zip Code where the service is being served. This facilitates our process.

Step 1 Your information; Your name, Law firm (if applicable), address, telephone number, extension (if applicable), email address and billing and/or payment information.

Step 2 The type of papers you need served,( i.e. summons and complaint, subpoena, ect.)

Step 3 The venue and court the documents originate from, (i.e. Local State or Federal.)

Step 4 Where the documents need to be served and if it is a business or a residence.

Step 5 The time frame you need the papers served. Extreme service done the same day it is received. Rush service, served within 24 hours of receipt of service. Expedited service, service within 72 hours of receipt of service. Regular service, service completed within 7 to 10 business days.

Step 6 Any special instructions regarding the service, personal only, serve at night, serve original documents ect.

Step 7 How you are sending the services, via US postal service, overnight, fax, email (pdf only) unless prearranged.

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That is What to Expect From Process Servers

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